WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review


The WaterRower club rowing machine is a beautiful and effective handcrafted rowing machine by WaterRower, made from solid ash wood and finished with a black and rose stain and danish oil, giving it a beautiful, natural and premium look. The solid ash wood construction doesn’t only make it look better, but more importantly it absorbs almost all vibration and sound while you’re working out, giving you a quiet and ultra-smooth workout session and making itself as durable as a rowing machine can be.

It is designed for handling heavy-duty uses in commercial gyms and rehabilitation clinics. The rowing machine also has some additional useful feature such as styled black rails that prevents scuffing. This machine can handle a user of maximum 1000 lbs which is awesome and proves its toughness. Coming to monitor, it comes with a Series 4 performance monitor that tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, and more.

Coming to the manufacturer, WaterRower has been a trusted name in making “water-resistant’ rowing machine and has been doing so since 1988. This company believes in Eco-friendliness and according to them, they only collect wood from forests where the growth of trees exceeds its removal by 229%.


  • In-Use:
    • 84.0 in  x 21.0 in  x 22.0 in  (213 cm x 53 cm x 56 cm) (L x W x H)
  • Storage/ Upright:
    • 22.0 in x 21.0 in x 84.0 in (56 cm x 53 cm x 213 cm) (L x W x H)
    • Takes the size of a dining room chair
  • Weight:
    • 117 pounds (53 kg) (With full water tank)
    • 73 pounds  (33 kg) (With empty water tank)

Resistance type:

The WaterRower Club rowing machine is a water-resistant rowing machine.

That means this machine creates resistance depending on water stored in the water tank. There’s a Flywheel suspended in the water tank connected with the puller that u pull. While pulling the handle of the rower, it makes the flywheel spin in the tank and the water around it tries to prevent it from spinning. Thus the resistance is created.

Well, that sums up how a water rower works. But is that useful? Yes, it is. Because u don’t need to set the resistance to a fixed level while u might not know what resistance will be good for you. You just row, and the resistance will be set depending on your level of rowing. It’s automatic. If u row slowly u will feel lower resistance and while rowing hard, U will feel harder resistance. Simplifying it, the harder you row, the more resistance u feel.

If u know about rowers, u know that sounds similar how an air rower works. But which one is better? Water Rower. why?

Air rower is loud while water rower is very silent.
Much smoother strokes it provides that air rower.

Build quality:

The WaterRower club is a solid built handcrafted rowing machine with ash wood like the other WaterRower models.

It is a commercial-grade rowing machine designed to take heavy usage at commercial gyms and other high traffic areas. Ash, the wood used in it, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability. The frame built with this material in rock solid and extremely durable. The wood look might fool you, but don’t let it.

It’s more solid than u can think. And the other parts is this much durable as well.

Coming to the water tank, it’s made from one of the most durable plastics on the earth, which is poly-carbonate. So you don not need to worry about it to break down, it’s virtually indestructible. U will need a minor maintenance and that is, to keep the water clean, you’ll need to drop chlorine tablets in it which are included.


The WaterRower club rowing machine is a comfortable workout machine overall, regarding the seat, handle and sitting position.

The ergonomically designed seat comes with enough padding, making every stroke feel comfortable even if you have a pretty long workout session. It features 8 bearings giving itself great stability.

The handle is overall comfortable with its oblong shape. It’s covered with soft materials making it comfortable to grip while rowing.

And the machine will provide you a very fluid rowing which is one of the major reason of its being comfortable. The seat glides up and down smooth and easily while the sprag clutch prevents jerkiness. You will feel a smooth seat gliding while performing a stroke.

Performance monitor:

The WaterRower Club rowing machine comes with a decent series 4 performance monitor.

The S4 monitor tracks workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, duration and much more. It displays-

Rowing speed in different units meters per sec, miles per hour and in other parameters.
Power and calories burnt per hour.
Strokes per minute
Heart rate if Cardio Sports ANT Digital is installed with it. It’s not included by the way.
Total distance rowed in meters, miles and other units.
Total duration of workout and much more
The monitor is powered by 4 AA batteries(included) and is multi-functional. You can adjust it’s settings through navigation menu. It also can be connected to the computer for analyzing your workout data more effectively. Unfortunately, it is not backlit enabled I’ll recommend having another light source in your workout area.

Storage and Assembly:

The machine has a fairly large footprint of it while in use but it cuts down its size a big time while storing. In upright storage mode, it’ll take the space of a dining room chair, which is great to save floor space. To store, you’ll just have to stand it upright. That’s it. Although the machine is fairly heavy it doesn’t take that much effort to stand it up than it seems to.

Coming to assembly, assembling a WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is very simplistic. Even an inexperienced person will be able to assemble it pretty easily as the instructions given to assemble it is detailed, step by step and includes pictures. Assembling it should not take more than 30 minutes and it can be done with the provided screws and wrench.

Pros and cons:

  • Commercial-grade rowing machine can handle heavy-duty usage.
  • Solid built quality, Beautiful ash wood with danish oil finish, Giving it a premium look.
  • Smooth and comfortable rowing motion
  • Easy to assemble, easier to store, saves a lot of space while stored.
  • Overall a comfortable machine talking about the seat, handle and grip, sitting position.

  • The monitor is fair, but could have more advanced option.
  • It feels comfortable, though it footplates could have a better positioning

Price and warranty:

The WaterRower Club rowing machine seems to be in a little higher price range. But you gotta remember what I always say “you get what you pay for”. The price might vary depending on where you buy it from but I found amazon to have the lowest price around. You can check the price from here.

Coming to warranty, You get a big 5 years frame warranty and 3 years parts warranty. But to mention, you gotta fill up a form for the manufacturers, otherwise, you get a warranty of only 1 year. I’ll recommend amazon for this as this overall buying and registering process can be done more easily and securely through amazon.

Reviewing WaterRower Club rowing machine, My Final words:

If you are determined to go for a Water-resistant rowing machine, it is one of the best in the market. The real time consumers have declared it to be of great use and great value for money. It’s solid ash wood built quality along with a very premium look, being a commercial grade machine and comfort & smoothness all over it makes it worthy of buying. The machine will fulfill a buyers demand from it, I think so!

Leave any feedback and question below in the comment section. I’ll come back to u asap, hopefully in 24 hours!

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