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Stamina Air Rower Review


Let me guess, you are looking for an air-resistant indoor rowing machine and don’t wanna spend a lot on it! Well, I have the “Stamina Air Rower” for you, also known as “Stamina air rower 1399

Guess what! You won’t have to spend a 1000 bucks on it and not even 500! It’s even lesser than that! And the good thing is, you won’t suffer the quality as well.

The stamina air rower 1399 is an Wind-resistance rowing machine, coming with a multi-function performance monitor that displays speed, distance, time, and calories burned. It’s a comfortable, easy-to-use rower that’s ready to give you a low-impact, full-body cardio fitness workout.

It comes with sliding, upholstered, padded seat making it surprisingly comfortable. It’s big footpads will accommodate any user’s shoe size while adjustable straps keep your feet in securely placed during rowing. It’ll offer you portability as it has built in wheel with floor protectors prevent skidding.

The rower’s got a solid-built steel frame which’s sturdy to touch. Buyer’s offered a 3 years frame warranty as well along with 90 days warranty for parts. Coming to space efficiency, you can easily fold it’s frame and as it have the built in wheels attached in the bottom, it offers you easy portability.

Talking about price, it’ll not hurt your pocket. It’s price is surprisingly low comparing it’s performance to other expensive air rowers. In performance it might come second only to the Concept2 Model D, but it’s almost 3x times cheaper that than and model D which also carries a problem of having a large footprint which this stamina rower doesn’t have.


Dimension and specification:

Assembled dimensions: 77 in x 18 in x 22 in (L x W x H)

Folded dimensions: 48 in x 18 in x 28 in(L x W x H)

Product weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)

Maximum user weight: 250 pounds


Key feature:

  • Multi-function electronic performance monitor displaying speed, distance, time, and calories burned
  • Sliding, Padded, upholstered comfortable seat
  • Textured handgrips for smooth holding.
  • Large footplates to adjust any size user and adjustable nylon foot straps
  • Nylon rowing strap
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Low storage space as frame folds for storage
  • Built-in wheels for portability and floor protectors prevent skidding


Resistance type:

The stamina air rower 1399 in an air/wind resistant rowing machine. It creates resistance depending on wind in it. This air resistance provides a comfortable yet challenging rowing workout and allows user to determine the resistance by their level of rowing.

There are some stamina air rower reviews complaining about the inability to “change” resistance settings of an air rower. I think do not even understand how the air rowers work. The resistance change in automatic and depends on how hard/fast you row. The harder you will row the more resistance you will feel. That’s the simple basic principle of air rower, and this machine is no different.

But one thing I have to mention, Unlike Concept2 Model D and Model E that I reviewed earlier, the Stamina 1399 rower doesn’t have the option to adjust the damper settings. Well what’s damper settings? Damper settings are like gears on a bike.


Performance monitor:

The Stamina Air Rower 1399 includes a single-button multi-function monitor displaying speed, distance, calories burned, and time.

The speed data remains fixed on the monitor and the rest of the data’s are displayed one by one and you can change it from the mode options. The monitor can be switched on or off both manually and automatically by pressing button (manually) and just starting to work out(automatically).

The monitor provides you enough data u need. It might be not as advanced as the PM5 performance monitor that some expensive rowers worth more than 800 bucks have. But it’ll still keep you updated that information’s u need about your workout session.


Build quality:

This stamina rowers is pretty solid when it comes to build quality and stamina 1399 is no different. It has a study steel construction which is built to last. One of my friends have used this rowing machine regularly once or twice for about 3 years and it’s still in excellent condition.

The nylon strap you pull in every stroke to spin the fan blades and create resistance, is pretty durable and likely to handle the extra pressure you put on it when you get stronger.

And talking about the noise, you’ll expect it to make some noise. All air resistant rowers do, not only this one. But the noise-level isn’t that bad in fact, especially if you expect it to make some noise being an air resistant rower.

Comparing to Concept2 Model D,  consumers have reported it to be a little bit more louder, though they didn’t mention anything if it’s bothering or not. To me, it’s not much for Stamina Air Rower Review.


Comfort in Stamina Air Rower:

This home rowing machine from stamina is enough comfortable as it comes with padded, upholdered, Over-sized seat rail with slide-able seat which is engineered to slide easily. The whole design of the rower makes it comfortable and consumers have said so.

The handles have a textured grip to make your hand feel comfortable while gripping. It might not sound, but you’ll find it important if you get to grab it for long while having a long workout session.

It has large footplates to fit shoes of any size user and the adjustable nylon foot straps will help your feet to hold strong with the footplates while working out.



The machine will make people happy who don’t have that much extra space in house and need their workout machine to take as less storage space as possible. It can be folded easily and it’s removes almost half of it’s footprint as it’s becomes almost 50% of it’s “in-use” size when folded. It’s fold-able frame makes storage simpler and it’s built-in wheels makes it easy to move to any corner of house.


Shipping and Assembly:

Consumers have reported that they’ve got the delivery at right time in good condition. They seemed satisfied regarding this.

Well, assembling this machine is simple and easy. The tools needed to assemble it is given by the company in the main box. It might take you a bit, about 45 minutes, but it’s easy. And I’ll suggest you to have a second person to tighten the pedals easily. Will save you time and efficiency.


Pros and Cons of Stamina Air Rower:

  • Very low price comparing to other high-end air-resistance rowers. (higher-end ones cost 3x more)
  • Simple but good quality monitor.
  • Good enough air resistance.
  • Good build quality, heavy-duty steel frame, nylon pulling strap, lasts long overall.
  • Folds up easily in seconds saving a lot of space, built-in wheels make it easy to move around.
  • Comfortable all over, including seat, seating position, hand-grip, foot plate.

  • May cause some people to experience upper/ lower body workout inequity at first.
  • A little bit noisier than higher-end air-rowing machines.
  • No option to adjust damper.

Price and warranty of Stamina Air Rower:

The low price of Stamina air rower 1399 makes it a buy worthy indoor rowing machine. Comparing to other high end air rowers regarding performance, it really stand up strong as it may offer you a little less performance but a 3 times cheaper price. The price of this rower can be checked here.

Coming to warranty, the stamina air rower 1399 comes with 3 years warranty on frame and 90 days warranty on parts. The service of the company also seemed to be good from the real time consumers.


Reviewing the Stamina Air Rower 1399, My Final Words:

The machine seemed to be great to me comparing it’s price to real time performance. Literally there aren’t many quality rowers  in this low price. The price, it’s performance, and it’s feedback from users(including my friend), makes it a buy worthy rowing machine to me.


Hope you enjoyed my review on this stamina rowing machine. If u have any questions and anything to say me, leave them in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to answering them.


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