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LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine Review


The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine is an award-winning yet pretty low priced and affordable rowing machine from LifeSpan. It’s a machine that’s mostly known for its solid build quality, giving you a sturdy feel while rowing. The machine is a magnetic resistance rowing machine that comes with multiple levels of resistance making it suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Taller people will find it ideal, as it comes with a long seat rail and it also saves a plenty of floor space by folding up while not in use. Though it is equally good for comparatively shorter people. And it’s multi-screen LCD fitness monitor will provide data on your workout sessions, such as distance, time, calories, stroke count, and strokes per minute.

All in all, Lifespan fitness rw1000 rowing machine a comfortable yet solid built rowing machine, promised to give a quiet and smooth rowing motion with its magnetic resistance system. But the good thing is, it’s not gonna hurt your pocket much, as it’s priced in low-mid range and expected to ensure full value of money. And as I mentioned above, it won 2008 Gear Awards Seal of Excellence for being a comfortable, smooth, quiet yet effective rowing machine.

Already convinced of its being a perfect rower? No, not be. I’m gonna break its every detail, below! Read twice before you take a decision.


Key Features of Lifespan fitness rw1000 rowing machine:

  • Well-built and sturdy feeling rowing machine. Able to handle users of maximum 300 lbs
  • Super quiet, thanks to its magnetic resistance system
  • Adjustable resistance to suit people of all fitness level.
  • 16.5 lbs flywheel, designed to provide smooth rowing motion.
  • Multi-screen LCD fitness monitor, providing enough workout data.
  • Less storage space as it folds into a compact size.

Let’s look at the Lifespan fitness rw1000 rowing machine in depth:


Dimension and specification:

  • While In-Use:
    • 99.0 inch x 19.0 inch x 23.0 inch (L x W x H)
  • While Stored/ Folded:
    • 34.0 inch x 19.0 inch x 64.0 inch (L x W x H)
  • Machine Weight:
    • 75 pounds (32 kg)

Resistance type:

The lifespan fitness rw 1000 is a magnetic resistant rowing machine. Before commenting on it, let me tell you how actually does it work. You yourself can judge it then.

The machines, creating resistance depending on the magnetic brake system, has a metal flywheel and magnet around it. And the distance between them is adjustable, which determines the resistance level. So you can adjust the distance, ultimately adjust the resistance with a knob which should be there.

And the rw 1000 from lifespan fitness is no different being a magnetic resistant rowing machine. You’ll find a knob under the control panel to adjust the resistance, there’s 5 level of them. This option helps people of different fitness level get the full advantage from it. Need to mention, you should stop the rower fully before changing resistance level to save it from any unwanted damage.

As it features an eddy current drive system with a  16.5-pound flywheel, it’s basically designed to provide an ultra-smooth rowing motion. And like other magnetic resistant rowers, the good thing of rw 1000 is, it’s literally dead silenced as there is no friction into play.


Build quality:

As I mentioned above, the lifespan fitness rw 1000 rowing machine is a solid-built one with a solid steel frame as it’s base.

The machine will feel real sturdy while in use. The solid steel from of this makes it ultra durable. It was expected
that the machine will perform solidly for 4-5 years without any hassle. And, it did so. Many consumers have confirmed that they’ve been using the machine for this long time yet they don’t need to think that much about its maintenance.

And this machine was praised by so many consumers, saying it gives them confidence over the machine while working out. Even people of 6’2″ with 250 lbs weight was able to use this machine without any hassle because of it’s solid built quality, thanks to its solid steel frame. It’s not a surprise though as I mentioned earlier that it can handle user of maximum 300 lbs, which is awesome from it.


LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine Comfort

The lifespan rw1000 is not only solid built, it’s enough comfortable rowing machine as well. The seat, handlebar, the gliding motion, and the footrests, all are comfortable, individually and overall.

The comfort of this machine starts with the nicely padded comfortable seat. It will feel equally comfortable even on a long workout session.  And the seat glides smoothly along the seat rail, leaving no issues behind.

The nylon strap connected with the flywheel is pulled by a straight and comfortable handlebar. The handlebar is well gripped and padded to save your hand from any kind of blister. This might not sound that important, but I think it is. Even a little blister or something can make your session highly uncomfortable. But with this machine, u won’t have to think about it that much.

The rowing motion on this machine is very smooth, thanks to its smoothly spinning flywheel. And talking about footrests, its okay, but there can a little issue on it. Your foot might sleep sometimes from it and you might find it uncomfortable. Though I think it’s not a major issue as there’s a lot of quick solutions to fix it. U can use an extra strap to tighten your foot with the footrests to prevent your leg from sliding. It’s as easy as that.



Performance monitor:

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine functionThe RW1000 from lifespan fitness features an automatic, multi-screen monitor that tracks data of burnt calories, stroke count,distance, time, and strokes per minute.

The monitor runs on a single AA battery(manufacturer will provide it), and its automatic. Means you don’t need to press any button,it will start automatically as soon as u start using the rower and it will automatically turn itself off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

The monitor’s main LCD display is separated into 3 parts, providing data individually of 3 metrics. Unfortunately, there’s no back-lit in it so you’ll need some light source in its using area. The numbers are fair enough large so it’s pretty easily readable.

Commenting on the monitor, I’ll say it’s decent but far away from perfect. There’s a lot of room for improvement.
The monitor does not save data of your workout session so you’ll need to note them down anywhere else. Among the very little issues Lifespan fitness rw1000 rowing machine has, the average monitor is one.



Storage and Assembly:

The less storage space of rw 1000 rowing machine is one of the very good qualities it has.

The machine neither has that big footprint nor it takes a lot of floor space while folded. It folds up into a very compact size that allows you to save a lot of storage space. Folding it is also easy. You’ll just need to remove the pin that secures seat rail, fold the seat rail up and re-insert the pin to lock it in that mode. You’ll also find a guide on it in the provided user manual. And it also comes with wheel, helping you to move it around easily.

Assembling the lifespan fitness rw1000 rowing machine is also very easy, though u just need to do it very fewer times.

The manual provided with it shows you how to assemble the machine in step by step. Though there are not many steps as there are not many parts to put together. Even an inexperienced guy at putting this kind of things together won’t suffer. It’ll mostly take 25-30 minutes to put together and the required things to assemble it are provided, such as screws and correct sized wrenches.


Pros and cons of Lifespan Fitness RW1ooo Rowing Machine:

  • Very quiet and 5 levels of adjustable magnetic resistant system
  • Solid Steel Frame and good overall built quality, along with good warranty
  • Less storage space and easy to assemble
  • Overall very comfortable to use
  • Both taller and shorter people can use it comfortably.
  • Smooth rowing motion with eddy current drive system and a 16.5-pound flywheel
  • Winner of the 2008 Gear Awards Seal of Excellence

  • Average monitor, which could be far better to meet it’s standard
  • Not good for people of advanced level fitness.
  • Footrests should’ve been better from the factory, not letting people fix it later.

Price and warranty:


The low-medium price of Lifespan fitness rw 1000 rowing machine is like the big and final thing that makes a buyer buy it. The machine comes at a very reasonable price, keeping a thought on its features like a high-end rowing machine.

The price may vary depending on where you are buying it from. I’ll recommend online purchase from a dependable seller. And among a few of them, amazon is likely to have the lowest price around. You can check the price from here.

Talking about warranty, it’s really lengthy. This makes a buyer free from tension about repairing it from his own pocket if a problem’s found around. Though there’s not many found.

If a buyer buys it from an authorized seller of lifespan fitness like amazon, he/she will get a 5-year warranty on frame, 2-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor.

Reviewing Lifespan fitness RW1000 rowing machine, My Final words:

The Lifespan fitness rw1000 rowing machine is a machine is filled with goods, alongside some very little yet fixable issues like footrests. But I’ll focus on the real-time performance of it, rather that specifications on paper. The machine showed some awesome real-time performance, like comfort, durability, brilliant adjustable resistance and so many. You gotta remember, it did not win the award just like that. Its overall performance in this price range makes it a buy worthy one, that’s my thought as an expert and experienced user of rowing machines.

So, I hope my Lifespan fitness RW1000 rowing machine review was informative to you. If you still have any questions please leave it comments below. As always, I’ll be happy to answer them.





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